Our Unprecedented Offer

Intersalonika Group of Greek Insurance Companies mainly consists of two, leading in Greece, insurance companies. Air Intersalonica, part of said group, supply its clients with exceptional service and superior benefits:

  • With a total of one-hour flight with Air Intersalonika’s private aircrafts or helicopters, the Company offers you a 50% discount on emergency airlift, if needed. After a total of four-hour flight, emergency airlift is offered at no additional cost.
  • After a one-hour flight we can offer you first aid and medical services at all of our Medical Centers around Greece, no extra cost.
  • If you are flying with our company even once per year, we offer you or a close family member one (1) ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital in case of emergency, no additional cost.
  • There are many other benefits you can receive. The people of Air Intersalonika tried really hard to offer our prestigious clients with special discounts on health care services. You can use it for doctor visits, hospitalizations, laboratory testing and other health care services by using the Intersalonika Health Card. Moreover, with the Intersalonika Card you can get discount for purchases you make in hundreds of collaborated stores in Greece through the “Club Intersalonika”.  
    Not to mention, with this Card you can get repair and maintenance services for your vehicle at the well-equipped repair shop of the affiliated company Intersalonika Technical S.A.
  • Lastly, we make our own offer:
    With a prepaid flight, we can offer you an extra 10% discount (the offer does not apply during peak season). For more information, contact our specialized personnel.

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